About Us

Sunshine Poker League is a free to join & social bar poker league hosting at your local bars & pubs across the state of California.

There is no entry fee to play in our tournaments and you do NOT win any money. Side bets are not allowed. California state law prohibits gambling so any kind of gambling is strictly prohibited. Top 3 finishers earn a virtual token which they can redeem on Sunday mornings by playing in the online qualifier. Finish in the top 4% of all participants online and you have earned yourself a seat into our annual Bar Poker Open $200,000 National Championship in Vegas!

We at SPL believe in hosting a high-quality tournament, so we only provide casino quality chips, cards, and tables for your tournament play. Each tournament has a designated Tournament Director available to run the blinds, ensure pots are split correctly as well as answer any questions or resolve issues at a table between patrons. There are no dealers at our tables, the deal passes from player to player each hand.

We are a social entertainment company which hosts FREE Texas Hold’em tournaments at local establishments.  Our mission at Sunshine Poker League is to turn strangers into friends and friends into family in the heart of the community one tournament at a time!

We bring like-minded poker enthusiasts together from all ages & cultures, no matter the skill level, to socialize, have fun, and play FREE Texas Hold’Em No Limit Poker.

No buy-ins. No Fees. No Covers.  There is never a charge of any kind at an SPL Poker Tournament.

How It Works!

We are similar to a sports and social league with an emphasis on the “Social” aspect of the game.

Instead of a game of quiz-o, bingo, karaoke, or fantasy sports, your customers will be competing in a completely FREE, No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments.  One of the world’s most popular games!

We never require an entry fee to play in any of our tournaments and there is absolutely NO gambling allowed!