Bar Poker Open

June 10 – 14, 2018 we are hosting North America’s Largest Bar Poker Championship. You can qualify FOR FREE at local bars all across the country partnered with Bar Poker Open, in only 2 Steps! To find your game, head to:

Saturday Free-Rolls

Having trouble making top 3 in our live tournaments?  Are you a curmudgeon and don’t like people?  We have an answer for you as well!  Every Saturday, at 8 AM PST, you can play for Free on and the top 3 finishers of this ONLINE tournament receive a token for the Sunday Championship Qualifier

8:00 AM (PST) Start Time

  • Just like the bar games but online!
  • No tokens used to play
  • Top 3 Win Tokens
  • 3,000 Chips, 8 Minute Blinds
  • Use this event to practice the registration process and test the software on your device.
  • This is a virtual version of the bar games open to all players with an active BPO account to compete against other league players for more Championship Qualifier Tokens.

Sunday Championship Qualifier

Every Sunday at 8 AM PST, BPO hosts an online Championship Qualifier via their website  You qualify for this online tournament by coming in 3rd place in any of our live tournaments through Sunshine Poker League, or by playing on Saturday in the Virtual Bar Qualifier.

11:00 AM (EST) Start Time

  • One (1) Token used to enter
  • Single Rebuy allowed when a player is out of chips for 6 levels
  • Players may begin registration at 8:00 AM (PST)
  • About Top 5% win Seats to your choice of 2 Upcoming Championships
  • First Place wins Seats to both Upcoming Championships and Full Vegas Travel Package
  • 3,000 Chips, 10 Minute Blinds